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Being charged with a crime is one of the most difficult experiences many people will ever face. Whether a felony charge or a misdemeanor, every criminal charge should be treated with importance. When law enforcement and district attorneys are trying to make their cases, they keep their cards close to the vest. As an arrestee, you may not always know the full extent of the charges from the outset.

The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez recognizes how important it is for representation to begin from the moment of arrest, and wants to walk with you through every step of your criminal defense, from arrest through trial.

New York Criminal Lawyers Building a Case

Our team believes in a proactive approach to criminal defense. Developing a thorough understanding of the case, getting your side of the incident that led to your arrest, and hunting down all the facts is the best way to defend you against charges.

There are no small clients, or small cases.  At The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez all clients are equal, and no case is more important than any other. Your liberty and fair treatment under the law is top priority, and while an acquittal is always the ideal result, you need representation even if you did commit the crime. Adequate representation can ensure you get the fairest treatment, minimizing the consequences for a mistake.

Don’t Delay Representation

The biggest mistake a person can make when charged with a crime is thinking he or she doesn’t need an attorney until a case goes to trial. The sooner you have legal representation, the sooner your rights are being protected. In the event that you are arrested, make The Law Offices of Jorge Vasquez your very first call. We’ll be with you through the entire process and ensure you get just treatment.

If you’ve been arrested or accused of a crime in the greater New York area, you need a legal team who can mount the best criminal defense. Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez serve the greater New York area from Westchester to Montauk.

Free consultations are available in English, Spanish or Russian in order to help determine if The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez is the right fit for your case.


Once a client, our Legal Team will work tirelessly on your behalf, heeding the motto – ‘I work when everyone else is resting.’

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