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Personal Injury

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Having an accident that leaves you incapacitated or injured can be a burden on both your life and your finances. When someone else is at fault for that accident, it proves all the more frustrating. If you have been injured through the direct actions or negligence of someone else, you should not be made to carry the burden on your own. The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez will represent you in your personal injury case, helping you get the compensation you deserve so you can move on with your life.

A Fair Settlement for Personal Injury

When a company or individual is to blame for your injury, it is in their best interest to minimize the damage to their own bottom line. This means initial offers of compensation are often too low to cover the expenses you can expect to incur over time.

Unfortunately, an accident that leaves you with a physical impairment is not a one-time incident. Issues stemming from an injury can recur again and again throughout your life. The fairest financial settlement is one that foresees potential medical expenses and future lost wages and compensates you accordingly.

The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez represents those who have been injured in:

  • Auto accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Personal property accidents

New York Personal Injury Lawyers with Your Best Interests in Mind

Not every personal injury has a legal case. Sometimes accidents do just happen. The first step is to get to the bottom of the accident that caused your injury. The Law Offices of  Jorge A. Vasquez provide free consultations in English, Spanish or Russian to determine if your case is a good candidate for compensation under the law. If they cannot win your case for you, they will tell you up front and provide guidance on the next steps you can take to minimize the impact an injury has on your life.


When you have been injured in an accident in the greater New York area, you need New York attorneys who know the ropes when it comes to personal injury, can build a case and will get you the compensation you need. The Law Offices of Jorge A. Vasquez serve clients all across the city, from Westchester to Montauk. They are readily available to advise you in your personal injury case, and help you obtain a fair settlement to reduce the impact a personal injury has on your life and your future.

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